Lighting/CG Reel

Euro Village
Maya, Zbrush, Vray, Nuke
Environment modeling and layout. Texturing and Lighting in Vray and composited in nuke using various render passes.
PVZ Intro
Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop
Modeling hand and plants brought into zbrush to add fine detail and textured in Photoshop.
UFC 20th Anniversary
Maya, Vray
Responsible for lighting and look development.
MIB 3 Alien Crisis/ Petrol
Maya,Mental Ray, After Effects
Responsible for modeling environment and props. Creating Light Rig and look dev based on key art.
Turtle Beach Black Ops 2
Maya,Vray,Photoshop,After effects
Lighting environments and characters. Enhancing it with matte painting techniques and later projecting the detail back onto the models.
Maya, Mental Ray, Photoshop
Responsible for creating studio light rig’s for shot continuity.
Look Development and Render Optimization.
Creating multiple render passes for compositing.
PVZ E3 Trailer
Matching CG elements to live action plates.
Utilizing HDRI and Global Illumination for Translucency of the petals.
Maya,Vray,Photoshop,After Effects
Responsible for Modeling the car base off of concept.
Look Development for shading and lighting purpose.
Creating Light rigs for studio renders and scene optimization.
F.E.A.R Online Trailer
Modeled in maya and sculpted details in zbrush.
Textures were in photoshop
Look Development for metal using blend materials with masking technique.
Lighting was done in Vray and created render passes.
Turtle Beach Logo
Responsible for lighting the scene with vray and used Light linking
for complex layout of the overall scene animation.
Look Development.
Rendered various passes for the motion graphics artist to have more control for the final look.