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Full name

Travis Mangaoang


Illustrator CG Artist


Los Angeles, CA


I am a illustrator/CG designer based in Los Angeles, CA. I grew up on a little rock called Hawaii, being around the ocean and lush environments have given me creative influence in my art. I now reside in Los Angeles, CA where my passion for drawing and painting has led me to the digital world to bring visual ideas to life. My goal is to work in feature animation in visual development and CG.

Gnomon – september 2012 - present

The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles
Santa Monica, CA 2005- September 2008

Bachelor of Science Degree - Media Arts & Animation 3.5 Cumulative GPA
05/2008 – 07/2008: Dean’s Honor Rol
01/2007 – 03/2007: Dean’s Honor Rol

Lighter/CG/Visual Development Artist

Graphics:Photoshop,Illustrator,Flash,After Effects,Nuke,Maya,3D Studio Max,Zbrush,Mental Ray, Vray

Work Experience

Petrol Advertising – Lighter/CG Artist
Projects: UFC, Falken Tires, Turtle Beach, MIB3, South Park
-CG Lighting for broadcast, commercial spots, and key art.
-Create environments and modeled game assets for production art.
-Responsible for compositing various render passes.

Deluxe Digital Studios – 3D Depth Artist/Comp Artist
Projects: The Last Airbender, Gullivers Travel, Jackass 3d,
Green Hornet, Thor, Captain America, John Carter or Mars,
-Create Depth mattes from Live Action plates using nuke
-Composited CG with live action shots and convert live footage into stereo
using proprietary.

9k9 Studios – Lighter/CG Artist/Animator
Projects: In􀃽niti, Puma, Tacori, Everlong rings, Criminal Minds
Taco Bell, Grand Marnier
-Look development
-CG Lighting to create Hi-end renders for Commercials and broadcast
-Matched studio lighting and composited CG with live action plates
-Responsible for managing renders through renderfarm.

Mythos – Lighter/Visual Development
Projects: Mythos
-Responsible for creating color keys for lighting
-Setup lights for cinematics shots

Canyon Design Group –Digital Artist/Animator
Projects: Movie Titles

Code Particles– Illustrator/Designer
Projects: Iphone apps and web

Direct Message Lab– Illustrator/Designer
Projects: Widget apps and interface¬¬

Ow Entertainment– Visual Development Artist
Projects: Rock Steady Island